First and foremost we would like to thank the thousands of people who have supported us over the years and the many loyal people that still do.  When I first opened our business back in 1988 I never dreamed it would be as successful as it has been over the last 32 years, but all great things must come to an end eventually.  After 48 years in the automotive service business my time has come.  It is hard to stop doing what you love,  growing older and slowing down is just part of life.  We will be traveling and spending time with our grandchildren,  hopefully for many years to come. There is an automotive repair shop moving into our building/space after we close and has no affiliation with us. We will close October 25th 2019. Again, thank you to everyone throughout the years for your support.
Stan and Sue Bassett


13003 Murphy Rd Suite N-13, Stafford, TX 77477, USA

(281) 933-8802

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